Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is this update an illusion?

One week to Christmas!
Time for the yearly Santa photo. Got to love Coke and their creation of the loveable fat jolly man!

On Saturday morning I woke up rather early to go to the airport and wish my cousin farewell as she’s going on a mission trip this summer, like I did last summer (with the same organisation). She was way more organized than I had been since I pre warned her about everything and I was able to reassure my aunty who was pretty sad that my cousin would be out of contact for 42 days but perfectly safe and having an incredible experience.
Also on Sat was our final KNATM girl’s basketball game for the year and we went out with a bang… Miriam played the whole game since it was her last game as she’s moving to the country soon. Who would have known? I didn’t until everyone at basketball said it. Ah, news never seems to reach my ear. Anyway the reason I mention Miriam is because she top scored and played a great game.
Sunday was Carols. I went to the 4.30pm service to see ‘hi-praise’ as Jess calls it, or unnamed group as everyone else seemed to prefer. It was so well done and really must have been hours and hours of work and rehearsal. I thought it was great and hopefully made the kids there think about ‘the best Christmas present ever’.

For this last week I’ve been working everyday and really looking forward to a bit of a break around Christmas… although this job is only a Christmas job so hopefully I’ll still be getting a few shifts in the new year… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Well I’m not sure what inspired this random post… but here it is.

Merry Christmas to anyone who still looks at this.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hols week 2

My second week of holidays is coming to an end and im yet to have done any homework yet... must make it higher on my priorities list.
Last Saturday night my friend Hannah organised another one of her amazing fundraisers. This particular one was a quiz night. It was so much fun and this is the first ever quiz night where I didnt go home empty handed. We actually came THIRD! I was very excited, and steph won the random prize and jess the best dressed so all in all our table was full of winners :)

The best dressed Jess and I

Our winning table

I went down to Victor to spend a couple of days with the grandparents which was lovely.

Nanna and I spent a day shopping for all things arty and also had the chance to spend some time looking at Pa's photos from his time in Cambrai and Yalata and Nana's childhood photos. It's so strange imagining what your grandparents were like before they were your grandparents. I now know a lot more about their lives and what it was like for Dad growing up. Also I spent an afternoon with Nan's art loving friend, Doreen who told me her whole life story (a crazed husband who tried to kill her and losing two sons in freak accidents). It was an interesting afternoon and great to be able to spend time with older people.
Plus this trip to victor was doubly exciting for my grandparents because it was the first time they'd ever had a grandkid come stay without the parents. Also another first was the drive to victor. I had never driven that far before or even gone up to 100!
So that's another update. Wow , im fully a regular updater!!
Have an excellent rest of the week people!

Friday, October 05, 2007


Well the last week or so has been awesome but I've been so busy I havent had a minute to myself.
The Wednesday before last I went with my friend Leah to POWDERFINGER/SILVERCHAIR which was fantastic. For the week prior to the concert I was confused as to why I was going since I dont like powderfinger's new songs nearly as much as their old but to my great excitement powderfinger recognised that their old songs were amazing and played them all. I was especially excited when they performed these days and my happiness. Good times...

On Sat I flew out to Sydney with my friend Rohan(that I went to Cambodia with)and Sarah and Caleb met us at the airport. We spent a couple of nights in Stanwell tops (near Woolongong) and then three nights in Newcastle. I had an awesome time and have plenty of massive bruises to show from my attempts at being a surfer chick.

Sarah, Rohan and Caleb

Stanwell Park

Bondi beach

Caleb getting a tat

Sarah and Rohan about to go surfing

Well that's my last week.
Have a gnarley weekend!!!

p.s I'm down with my surfie talk now :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


So I went to the show Friday night. My two favourite places at the show are the art displays (mainly the cake decorating) and the kid's farm area. As usual the cakes this year continued to astound me but I noticed something really cool (that I failed to notice last year) in the farm area...

Then a great idea came to me. I have silky bantams at home...

now what kind of dye should I use?

In other very exciting news Full house season 4 has been released in Australia (finally!, we are so far behind compared to America)

Naturally I bought it and now I just need to finish 2 essays and a 100 line poem and I can watch it.

Well there's an update.
Until next time
Lisa xo

P.s As cute as the chickens look, I wouldnt really dye my silkys different colours, mainly because I dont think they would respond so well to it and Ursula (my normal hen) might feel a little left out.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I can't wait to get outside and jump into a lake

Okay so I dont want to get wet but I'm very keen to get outside after spending just under two weeks in bed. But thankfully I am getting better!!! Aside from being two weeks behind for uni and causing trouble for all four work places, I think I'll be able to leave the house tomorrow and lead jy again and just get back into my usual routine! Lol, I'm a little over being sick.
Anyway there is nothing much to blog about because I've been inside for so long but yeh, time for another update and I'm very happy to be almost over this nasty bug.

I've been trying to think what my favourite song is but I'm not really sure. Anyway 'For the moments I feel faint' by Reliant K definately makes the top 5. The above photos just remind me of this song and lol, the second picture is our play to that song that we performed at a couple of church services in Cambodia (lol, the long skirts and big boots is a really hot look!)
Have a great week!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dans le jardin

I've unfortunately come down with a cold which has left me confined to home for most of the weekend. However I ventured outside today to soak up some of the occasional sun and couldn’t help but take a few photos of the pretty garden and my beautiful Bella.
The bottom two photos are of the garage which my parents are so lovingly building. Since I live on such a busy street in a residential area there are never any parks for our cars (esp. as we now have two now and only one garage.) Furthermore leaving the car on the street at night isn’t really an option as annoying drunks have the habit of ruining whatever is out the front of our house, including some of our neighbour’s cars. Anyway, after a bit of planning, the garage is underway and looks pretty great so far.
Well any prayers that I get over this cold would be most appreciated as it is extremely difficult to take sick leave from any of my jobs yet it is important that I do if I remain sick during the week. I am however feeling better than earlier this morning so that's a definite positive
Have an excellent week guys

Monday, August 13, 2007


I thought I'd start this post with a photo from Joel's party sat night so this post is a little more inviting and exciting.
At the early hour of 6:30am I woke up and drank green tea till my insides were warm and I could contemplate getting ready. I know everyone has different morning routines and mine is to leave bed, turn the kettle on, let the dog outside, make a mug of green tea and sit down in front of the heater and drink that tea before doing anything else.
I've decided to take a job doing before school care so now my life will forever be full of early mornings (at least for 40 weeks of the year) as this means I'll be working every weekday from 7:30- 8:30am, Saturdays from 8-12 with soccer and JY on Sunday.
I was a little worried about starting this new job the night before but it was better than expected. Basically on the first day I just sat in a room for an hour playing uno, listening to a three year old sing along to a tape and playing hide and seek. Feeling healthy and energised because of the early start, I went to the gym for an hour and proceeded to wear myself out entirely. When I go home I felt great and alive yet I then spent the rest of today just sitting around eating and watching cheesy movies... so much for a productive study day considering I have two presentations and two papers due next week.
And then it was time to go lose some of my hair so the mop on my head becomes manageable once again. I failed miserably at the challenge on Joel's blog to talk to the hairdresser about Christianity as she really wasn’t the typical chatty hairdresser. Basically the hour spent with her was full of awkward silence (awkward turtle time) and the conversation was unable to rise above talking about what products I should buy so my hair stops being so dry and dead from too much straightening.
After that I went off to teach Funk and Groove at an OHSC. This was my first week of 7 weeks and involved 25 Recs to Year 3’s being taught dance by one of the world's worst dancers for an hour. I would like to say it was organised chaos but my organisation didn’t really pay off... it was just chaos. However some of the kids came up to me afterwards and said they had fun. Now I'll just have to edit my lesson plan for next week so it can be more fun and less chaotic.
And now to add to the excitement of this probably uninteresting post about the joys of new jobs (ah did you guess the acronym title?)
Below is me as a Simpsons character according to Simpsonise me. I wouldn’t really say it has a striking resemblance but it makes the post slightly that bit more exciting… ah I’m really grabbing at straws here to make this post worth looking at.

Well hope everyone is having a great week!!!